Camaraderie, Commitment and Core Values: What Makes MMC a “Best Place to Work”

In its third year, MM+M’s Best Place to Work contest recognizes the best companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. The award selection was based on anonymous surveys completed by agency employees. MM+M reviewed the submissions and then determined which agencies received the industry recognition.

MicroMass received the highest ranks in the “How would you describe the camaraderie among employees at your organization,” and “How would you rate your organization in terms of the ability of women to advance to senior-level roles?” categories. Employees noted the organization’s successes in integrating new core values, a commitment to cultivating diversity and inclusion, and a pathway for advancement.

MM+M offered praise for how the agency has provided employees with necessary resources, security, and support during a turbulent 2020. The publication commended MicroMass for its 401k matching program, flexible work hours, mentorship and shadowing programs, along with trivia Zoom nights and themed care packages.

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