Build skills. Change behavior. Improve outcomes.

With more than 20 years of expertise in human health behavior, our highly specialized approach applies evidence-based strategies from health psychology and behavioral science to change patient and provider behavior and drive real-world results for our clients.

Pioneering a Unique Approach

Long before “behavioral” was a buzzword, a group of professors from the UNC School of Public Health were studying one-on-one health coaching to drive behavior change. Recognizing the potential impact for millions of patients with chronic disease, they combined this micro approach with technology to accomplish behavior change on a mass scale.

MicroMass was founded more than 20 years ago with a few core beliefs in mind

  • Patient and provider behavior can get in the way of optimal outcomes

  • Traditional advertising messages and education aren’t enough to move the needle on patient outcomes

  • Behavior change strategies can be delivered in a practical and engaging way

  • Approaches that ignore behavior are incomplete

So, is it working? We’d say so. To date, our work with pharmaceutical companies, Accountable Care Organizations, and health systems has improved the lives of millions of patients in more than 30 therapeutic categories.



A 1-to-1 micro approach that addresses individual barriers to change.

Delivered on a mass scale, leveraging technology to reach millions and improve public health.

MicroMass Agency Video Transcript

Other agencies start here.
Traditional agencies focus on product data and benefits as a way to reach their customers—using information-based approaches to tackle marketing challenges.
But, product messaging is not all that patients and providers require.
To be successful, patients and providers need to shift attitudes and change behavior.
That’s why MicroMass is a specialist.
By understanding the unique needs of the patient and provider, we’ve pioneered the notion that patient outcomes can actually drive product success.
We have raised the bar.
We have established a new standard.
MicroMass is not a traditional agency.
We start in a different place. A better place—with the patient.
Because we know, there’s a lot more to the patient than just their treatment.
Instead, our innovative approach takes into account the whole patient experience to address the clinical and behavioral needs.
Our work is leading pharma to more innovative marketing approaches and raising expectations for success.
Evidence-based strategies from behavioral science and health psychology address real-world challenges, and help the patient and provider look at the big picture—by taking small steps.
Simply stated, our specialized approach actively builds skills, changes behavior, and improves outcomes.
We’ve built our agency model to deliver work that is fundamentally different and highly sought after by leading pharma companies worldwide.
We are experts in human health behavior.
We are MicroMass.
We are specialists.

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