Great minds. Great ideas.

Our people and our culture are fundamental to our approach. Not only do we understand behavior, we are passionate about changing it. Together, we take a multidisciplinary approach to applying behavioral science. This helps us create innovative solutions that get people to do more than buy a product — we get people to buy into a new way of thinking. We inspire and facilitate lasting behavior change. And that changes everything.

Watch movies. Drink coffee. Repeat

Adam Zammiello

Behavioral Copywriter

I miss white landscapes

Aleksandra Adomas

Senior Medical Content Strategist

I was a zookeeper once upon a time

Alyson Connor

Partner, President

Can play a mean game of ping pong

Andi Weiss

Lead Behaviorist, Partnerships & Advocacy

None of my cars has a permanent roof

Ashley Jones

Group Associate Creative Director

Former roller girl with a serious shoe addiction

Beth Reed

Project Manager

Can't eat gumbo without eggs or filet

Bonnie Overton

Group Associate Creative Director

Go Pirates!

Brendan Schachle

Account Executive

That girl who tripped at college graduation

Brittany Hines

Senior Project Manager

Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

Cameron Cochran

Assistant Project Manager

Resident sports and entertainment expert

Chad Benditz

Manager of Marketing and Promotional Content

Twizzler fanatic

Chelsea Vinton

Event Coordinator

Studied Spanish in South America

Chenoah Mickalites

Senior Art Director

Hopes for snow. Every day

Chris Libey

Associate Creative Director

Heia Norge!

Christian Ovrebo-Welker

Production Artist/Studio

Loves all things French

Christine Levesque

Manager, Editorial Services

14 half marathons and counting

Crystal Weber

Behavioral Copywriter

Material things are temporary, but relationships are for a lifetime

Cynthia Hinnant

Senior Staff Accountant

Still loves the Backstreet Boys

Danielle Williams

Assistant Project Manager

Still striving to make my 2nd 'hole in one'

Darrell Miles

Senior Production Artist

Hard work wins!

Derrick Boone

Web Developer

Can sing all 50 states in alphabetical order

Emily Poole

Project Manager Supervisor

Can solve the Rubik's Cube faster than you

Eric Connor

Associate Creative Director

Additional Wealth ≠ Fewer Difficulties

Ethan Messier

Accounting Manager

I lived to see the Cubs win a World Series!

Greg Dosmann

Group Associate Creative Director

On my way to visiting all 50 states

Hayley Cozart

Community Engagement Liaison

See me in The Sea

Isaac Collar

Art Director

Secret culinary genius

Jamaica Singletary

Production Artist

I can rap every word to Ice Ice Baby and Rapper’s Delight

Jennifer Carlin

Event Coordinator

Addicted to red twizzlers

Jessica Brueggeman

EVP, Health Behavior Group

I’ll be at the beach with my dog

Jessica Parris

Event Coordinator

Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen

Jim Hancock

Senior Database Architect

Give me any word, and I'll show you that the root of that word is Greek

John Pettaris

Manager, Production Services

I spend too much time organizing my garage

Jude Kelly

Manager, Business Development

There is a fine line between efficiency and obsession

Kai Taylor

DevOps System Administrator

Stage Mom

Kathy Carr

Office Manager

(Appropriately normal) crazy cat lady

Kathy Moriarty


Jigsaw puzzles are my jam

Kellie Powell

Behavioral Copywriter

My office = the Vegas of MicroMass. What happens in HR stays in HR

Kelly Hutchinson

SVP, Human Resources

Russian literature was my first true love

Kelsey Arp

Senior Behavioral Copywriter

Rock climber with a slight fear of heights

Kim Zdanowicz

Associate Creative Director

My claim to fame? A squirrel with a coffee mug. Google it

Kristine Ryneska


Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow

Lakisha Davis

Senior Staff Accountant

Not everything in life is #000 and #fff

Lauren Lamborne

Front-End Developer

Lover of puppies, bookstores, dancing, and sunshine

Lisa Simorelli


California girl in a Carolina world

Margot Mahannah

Senior Behaviorist


Maria Denisco

Art Director

Claims he’s from England and speaks “proper English”

Mark Matthews

Senior Strategist

Has gone green - drinks a lot of Diet Dew

Mark Rinehart

Chief Technology Officer

Runs half marathons. Watches The Office marathons

Megan Myers


After work? Weightlifting and knitting

Meredith Terry

Senior Behaviorist

Acoustic or Electric?

Mike Franke

Associate Creative Director

My sixth sense: finding a bargain!

Neala Havener

Senior Behaviorist

Loves all things miniature

Nicole Neel

Senior Medical Content Strategist

13.1 because I’m only half crazy

Paige Cockman

Assistant Project Manager

Go Blue Devils and Fightin' Blue Hens!

Patty Zipfel

Vice President, Scientific Strategy

Go Hokies!

Paul Boehling

Director, Information Technology

Quote withheld due to fair balance restrictions

Phil Stein

Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Puts more miles on a bike than a car in a year

Rob Peters

SVP, Strategy

Technology freak. Problem solver

Sam Faragalla

Manager, Applications Development

Addicted to Ellen DeGeneres

Samantha Konkus

Project Manager Supervisor

People are always trying to steal my Lucky Charms

Sean Sullivan

Supervisor, Systems Production

NJ born, NC bred

Shannon Ilsley

Manager, Event Planning

Always happy to share a little dose of sunshine

Sonya McDowell

Project Manager

Explored Taichung City, Taiwan on foot without maps or knowing Mandarin

Steve Laster

Senior Digital Strategist

Hunter S. Thompson is my spirit animal

Taylor Preston

Project Manager

Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known

Tom Warren

DevOps System Admin

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