#FtheList: The To-Do List Can Wait.

We never put ourselves first. We take care of everyone and everything else. We are preoccupied with our to-do list, the next task, and the things that never seem to get done.

Self-care produces positive feelings, which improves confidence and self-esteem. Self-care is essential to our mental health and wellness and it should be a focus for everyone, especially those who are dealing with a chronic condition.

At MicroMass, we put people first. We use evidence-based techniques to personalize and identify what they need. Then we teach behavioral skills, like self-care, that benefits their health and wellness.

Do something for yourself. You don’t have to wear a kilt. But if that’s what works for you, we’re all for it. When you practice self-care, you put yourself first. You are saying that I MATTER, which is a mindset that helps your relationships, your employment, and your health.

Behavior change does not have to be unattainable. It can be simple, vulnerable, disruptive, and funny. It can be real.

Our goal was to encourage people to share how they are finding time to incorporate self-care into their busy day. That’s why we created #FtheList, a fun social media campaign that would emphasize the importance of self-care and drive engagement.


Increase in social media followers.


Engagement on a single post.


Our engagement was 3x better than industry average.

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