For people living with a group of rare cancers, resources and information were tough to find. This left them feeling isolated and alone in their diagnosis. MicroMass wanted to provide an educational opportunity for these people to learn more about their disease, ask questions from an expert, and meet others living with the same condition.

Our team developed in-person education sessions where people could come for expert insight. At each session, participants learned skills to track and manage symptoms, voice their treatment goals, and take a positive approach to living with a chronic illness. As interest grew, we expanded the program by offering interactive webinars about these rare cancers, making the same content accessible to people who couldn’t attend in person or preferred to participate online.

We are continuing to enhance these programs by adding doctor discussion guide worksheets, goal-setting tools, and conversation flash cards that patients can share with their families, caregivers, and doctors.

Thank you for providing these webinars. For patients like me, you have provided a clear view of what my disease is and how to manage it.

Webinar participant

Strengthening people’s skills and understanding
After participating in a session, most people report that

  • They feel more prepared to talk with their healthcare team
  • The speakers have a thorough understanding of these rare cancers
  • They would recommend the meeting to their friends and family

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