Turning Uncertainty into Confidence

An Award-winning Multichannel Program

Patients struggling with a chronic immune condition felt unsure about a new treatment approach. MicroMass wanted to build confidence in people to in start and stay on a treatment that makes a real difference in their lives.

The CRM branded web experience is designed to meet the unique needs of adults and their caregivers as well as caregivers of teens. This website is for registrants and users who opted into receive communications including emails to drive to specific and relevant content.

During a deep-dive research initiative by MicroMass Communications, Inc., it became apparent that the preferred branded CRM web experience should deliver content in a way that is informative, but also digestible. To that end, this experience is designed to meet the unique needs of adults and caregivers of teens. It provides education and skill-building opportunities and includes an evidence-based behavioral approach to help overcome barriers to treatment, build motivation and skills to stay on track, and optimize communication.

The goal of the new interactive site was to create a user experience for patients and caregivers who are considering or taking the product and to consider what may be possible with a change in treatment and mindset.

The site helps both those considering and those taking the treatment develop a care routine, gain comfort with the treatment, and learn how to transform negative thoughts into positive ones. The web experience keeps the patient and caregiver engaged and informed while driving engagement.

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