Changing Patient Behavior

MicroMass provides solutions to address common brand challenges.

patient activation, optimal treatment experience, differentiating brands, adherence, brand outcomes, patient acceptance

What's our approach?

We use evidence-based behavior change strategies (eg, shared decision-making, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral techniques) from health psychology that lead to an optimal treatment experience.

How is this different from the traditional approach?

Traditional marketing focuses on patient access, product administration, and disease education.

However, this approach isn't enough to change behavior or accelerate patient outcomes.

We change patient behavior by addressing the clinical and psychosocial needs of the patient.

We call it the Whole Patient approach.

Clinical and Functional Needs

Side effects


Treatment access

Treatment administration

Condition education

Psychosocial Needs

Communication with healthcare team

Distress and anxiety

Social support

Perceived control of symptoms

Confidence in managing condition

Better outcomes for your brand.

Relationship marketing

Your brand needs more than just a compelling message to create a relationship. We equip patients to adopt and adhere to new therapies.

Patient engagement and support

Our approach goes beyond product messaging and education. We activate patients by building their confidence and skills to better manage their condition.

Patient peer-to-peer campaigns

It’s not just about raising awareness. We motivate patients to overcome barriers when seeking or adopting new therapies.

We create experiences that are fundamentally different.

Our evidence-based approach goes beyond messaging and education to deliver true value. These strategies build patients’ motivation and skills to engage in treatment decisions and take a more active role in their care.

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