Changing Provider Behavior

MicroMass provides solutions to address common brand challenges.

differentiating brands, accelerating adoption, preparing the market, access, product benefits, overcoming clinical inertia

What's our approach?

We use evidence-based techniques to build knowledge, motivation, and skills. Our approach helps providers fully realize product benefits and how to incorporate them into their daily practice.

How is this different from the traditional approach?

Traditional marketing focuses on raising awareness of unmet needs, educating about new therapeutic approaches, and positioning brand data to encourage product adoption. There’s something missing from this approach. Awareness is not enough to disrupt entrenched beliefs and behaviors.

Our specialized approach addresses the underlying factors that influence behavior.

Better outcomes for your brand.

Peer-to-peer programs and nonpersonal promotion

We combine evidence-based approaches with interactive experiences to disrupt inertia and change provider behavior.

Training and tools for clinical field teams

We equip field teams with the capability and tools to help practices improve patient care, including providing better access and enhancing patient receptivity to therapy.

Market shaping and prelaunch communications

Preparing the market for your brand requires more than awareness. We build provider knowledge, motivation, and skills to adopt new treatments.

We drive real-world success.

To achieve optimal patient outcomes, it is critical to help providers address all the needs of the patient, including clinical and psychosocial demands.

Our approach encourages providers to engage with your brand in ways that have a direct benefit on patient outcomes.

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