Not your average agency.

Not your average creativity

New ideas are encouraged. Weekly writers meetings involve haiku challenges. We swear that some of our employees missed their true calling. They’re stand-up comedians, artists, novelists, tech geniuses, and football coaches.

At MicroMass, we reward hard work, passion, and creativity.

Not your average place to work

The CEO and President know your name, what you do, your favorite team, your hobbies, and the name of your kid and pet. Everyone’s voice is heard. We build and cultivate relationships. Collaboration is expected. Active listening is encouraged.

Open doors, open minds. All day. Every day.

Not your average perks

Funnovation committee. Snack closet. Coffee. Candy. Yogurt (if you’re into that). Company lunches. Annual dip-off competition. Bingo. Trivia. Potlucks (stretchy pants day). Walks around the lake (or on the treadmill). Minor league baseball. Picnics. Chili cook-off. Errand-running services. White elephant gift exchange. Baby showers. Video games. Halloween costume party. March Madness. Fantasy Football. Kickball (hey, we got next!). Food…so much food.

Eating and laughing are rites of passage. And we always come back for more.

Not your average team

We work. We challenge. We collaborate. You know that feeling of relief when you realize you’re all on the same page? Or that you’ve worked hard, and you know the result is something special?

We get that here. That’s what we’re about.