Driving Patient Motivation to Change Treatment

Unbranded patient experience portal that applies health psychology strategies to reshape patient beliefs and behaviors as well as prepare patients for the product launch.


Patients with atopic dermatitis (a severe form of eczema).


Patients are not aware that there may be options that can treat the underlying cause of the condition or how much the condition is affecting their daily lives. They often respond to their condition by treating the symptoms as they occur.


Create an online experience that helps shift patients’ mindset to a holistic approach that can improve their condition and help them recognize proactive options they need. Patients engage in digital tools that help them assess their satisfaction with life and treatment, provide distraction techniques to cope with flares, engage in problem-solving exercises, and explore mindfulness tools to reduce stress.


2018 PM360 Trailblazer Awards
Patient Marketing Team
2018 PM360 ELITE Awards
Patient Marketing Team
2018 DTC National Advertising Awards
Best Disease Education
2016 Rx Club Awards
Best Integrated Campaign
Award of Excellence

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