Obesity Patient Support Program

Helping patients discover the product benefits in a real-world setting through a behavior-based intervention.


Patients who struggle with long-term weight management.


Patients with obesity have negative, ingrained perceptions about weight loss and low self-efficacy because they have tried and failed several times to lose weight. A new weight loss product faced barriers to adoption and long-term success because of this negative mindset.


Our step-by-step solution supports patients by helping them develop the mindset that they are ready for weight loss and facilitates skill building for real-world success. The program goes beyond basic nutrition and physical activity education by leveraging evidence-based approaches such as health coaching, goal setting, and cognitive behavioral techniques. These approaches help to disrupt ingrained beliefs, drive lasting changes in behavior, and deliver a differentiated brand experience.


2016 PM360 Trailblazer Awards
Initiative | Persistence/Adherence
2016 DTC National Advertising Awards
Patient Engagement or Support Program/CRM
2015 Pharma Choice Awards
Consumer Website
2015 Digital Health Awards
Mobile Digital Health (Mobile Website)

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