The to-do list can wait. Self-care comes first.

How do you #FtheList?

Do something for yourself. You don’t have to wear a kilt. But if that’s what works for you, we’re all for it. When you practice self-care, you put yourself first. You are saying that I MATTER, which is a mindset that helps your relationships, your employment, and your health.

You deserve it.

Escape to your happy place.

You need it.

Find your calm in the sea of craziness.

You can benefit from it.

Be you. Just do more of it.

Give yourself a break

Cleaning, grocery shopping, fixing the dishwasher—all important, but so are things like sleep, exercise, and mental health. So, rock out with your favorite band, string up a hammock, or simply take a much needed break. Do what makes you happy (as long as it doesn’t involve harming yourself or others, because that’s not cool).

Start with self-care.

It can be small

We don’t want you to quit your job or abandon your family. Just give yourself a few minutes (or hours) to do something for yourself.

It can be cheap

You don’t have to get a fancy facial—unless it’s free, in which case it’s a crime not to. Read a book. Go for a long walk. Squeeze the life out of your stress ball.

It can be anywhere

Go outside, hide in the garage, lock yourself in the bathroom—literally, the sky is the limit. Because yes, you can do a breathing exercise on a plane.

Ready to #FtheList? Here’s how you can get started.

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At MicroMass, we put our patients first. We use evidence-based techniques to personalize and identify what they need. Then we teach behavioral skills, like self-care, that benefits their health and wellness.

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