Welcome to Intersect, a podcast for anyone in the business of healthcare who’s committed to providing treatments and experiences that improve patient health.

This podcast tells stories of behavioral science in action. In each episode, we show how MicroMass uses behavioral science, creativity, and technology to solve challenges and create more ideal customer experiences.

Episode 1: Discovering Rachel

The caregiver is one of the most important—and most overlooked—links in the cancer treatment chain. In this episode, our MicroMass team helps an overwhelmed caregiver at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, which creates a ripple effect of support for the patient.

Key takeaways

  • Supporting the caregiver is an essential form of patient support. It puts the caregiver in a better position to help the patient
  • Building brand loyalty often starts with the caregiver
  • Helping the caregiver develop communication skills can impact the patient’s treatment decisions and adherence
  • Teaching the caregiver self-compassion can help them gain strength, perspective, and confidence
  • Providing a user-friendly online support experience makes the support program much more effective

Themes: Behavioral Science, Oncology, Caregivers, Healthcare Marketing

Credits: Kathy Moriarty, Senior Behaviorist | Kim Lilienthal, Senior Behavioral Copywriter | Eric Connor, Associate Creative Director | Kristen Maynard, Senior Account Director | Johnny Knight (Host), Senior Behavioral Copywriter | Lindsay Jones (Original music), Composer and Sound Designer

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Music by Lindsay Jones.