4 Ways to Sell Clients on Behavioral Marketing Programs

March 16, 2017

MicroMass was prominently featured in a MM&M article regarding behavior change. The article: 4 Ways to Sell Clients on Behavioral Marketing Programs featured Jessica Brueggeman, EVP, Health Behavior Group at MicroMass.

In addition to MicroMass, the article featured quotes from other agencies regarding how they can sell behavioral marketing programs to their clients.

Here was the MicroMass response:
Agencies should provide clients with the ability to promote behavioral science’s benefits. They need to present a well thought-out story that demonstrates the evidence, connects to commercial objectives, and provides tangible application examples. Agencies must create opportunities that help clients build skills in applying behavioral science strategies. When clients possess such foundational skills, they can better articulate how these strategies can accelerate brand objectives. They also understand how behaviorally based strategies can be leveraged across brand initiatives and why they are preferred over traditional, information-based approaches.

Read the entire MM&M article.