Behavioral Science: The Key to Unlocking Better Outcomes

June 13, 2019

MicroMass has been at the forefront of driving patient and provider change for more than 25 years. With this in mind, we are excited to showcase our sponsored eBook with MM&M, “Behavioral Science: The Key to Unlocking Better Outcomes.” The eBook contains detailed, thoughtful content that highlights the importance of utilizing behavioral science in pharma marketing strategies including:

  • How behavioral science marketing is used to ensure successful patient outcomes.
  • The connection between behavioral science and technology in pharma marketing.
  • Patient support services and their impact in changing patient behavior.
  • MicroMass Print Ad that showcases our expertise in behavioral science for the last 25 years.
  • A “Partner Perspective” with our EVP, Rob Peters.

Download the eBook here.

Here are a few excepts from our team:
  • Rob Peters, EVP, Strategy: “Connecting with patients and providers requires an approach that delivers engaging experiences across the product lifestyle.” In this “Partner Perspective,” Peters discusses the importance of bridging the gap between patients and providers by utilizing a combination of behavioral science and technology.
  • Jessica Brueggeman, EVP, Health Behavioral Group: Highlighting a digital wellness wheel that allows atopic dermatitis patients to assess their fulfillment in different aspects of their life, Brueggeman notes that “It’s a technique health coaches use with patients. It helps them take a step back and look at different areas of their lives and their health more objectively. It gives them a more objective picture of how their life is being impacted by atopic dermatitis.”
  • Meredith Terry, Lead Behaviorist, Innovation and Practice: “Instead of using a comprehensive plan, marketers often use one-off tactics. In contrast, a strategy that incorporates evidence-based behavioral techniques and strategies across multiple channels can deliver maximum impact.” This Whole Patient approach can improve patient outcomes.
  • Andi Weiss, Lead Behaviorist, Partnerships and Advocacy: “Behavioral science techniques can address many of the challenges that impact pharma’s goals, including disrupting the patients’ normalization of beliefs and behaviors, re-framing inaccurate illness perceptions and building patients’ self-efficacy.” For 25 years, behavioral science has been the foundation of our patient and provider solutions.
  • Kathy Moriarty, Senior Behaviorist: “In order to improve patient outcomes, marketing materials must continue to become more diversified to align with the different patient needs. Pharma must consider the patient experience, and not just whether the patient is adherent to the medication.” In this way, behavioral science is a crucial part of ensuring successful outcomes.
MicroMass is a healthcare marketing agency celebrating 25 years of providing behavioral science solutions for patients and providers. Learn more about our capabilities: Why Behavioral Science, Changing Patient Behavior, Aligning Patients and Providers, and Changing Provider Behavior

Download the eBook here.