Celebrating Diversity, Everyday

October 30, 2020

October is World Diversity Month and the team at MicroMass wanted to find a unique way to showcase and celebrate how unique each one of us are.

In nature, everything is unique and collectively works together, fulfilling its own purpose, to make the world work together in harmony.

In October, during Global Diversity Awareness Month, our team created a virtual Diversity Garden to reflect the beauty of who we are as a group. Team members chose a flower that represented them. Each of those flowers has been planted and will continue to grow and bloom together.

At MicroMass, each of us is also all unique, contributing our individual talents, skills, and gifts for a common goal. We are represented best by our team. At our core, we represent our core values:

  • Smart people, strong family, shared purpose.
  • No one is here by mistake.

This is just the beginning. Continue to watch to see how we grow.