#ConvinceMeToVax Creative Contest

May 1, 2019

MicroMass submitted an entry in MM&M’s #ConvinceMeToVax online contest.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses
Ashley Jones
, Group Associate Creative Director
Mike Franke, Associate Creative Director

We all make excuses to avoid things we don’t want to do. These excuses are often based on real fears. This video highlights the common excuses that people use to avoid vaccinations and contrasts it with the reality that childhood diseases happen anyway—despite our excuses—when we don’t vaccinate.

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About #ConvinceMeToVax
The competition is open to all pharma agencies. It’s an opportunity to submit our best creative to convince the public to get vaccinated. Submissions could be in the form of short videos, social media posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, graphics, posters, or other media. The best work will be featured on the MM&M website and social media channels. It’s a campaign designed to help stop the spread of the disinformation that helps spread infectious diseases. The public can vote for their favorite campaign. Voting started on Wednesday, May 1st and runs until Friday, May 3rd.