Focus on Point of Care

January 26, 2018

MicroMass offered contributions to PM360’s Focus on Point of Care.

Senior Behaviorist, Neala Havener offered her insights on a key question facing pharma marketers as it relates to point of care.

  1. What are the biggest challenges facing marketers in the point of care space in 2018, and how can they overcome them?

Here’s an excerpt of her response:

The biggest challenge: 
Disrupting inertia in treatment decision-making. When it comes to patient care, physicians typically use mental shortcuts to help them make efficient decisions. Physicians make assumptions about treatments based on previous experience. They also make assumptions about patient needs and preferences based on what they know and observe about each patient. In fact, about 95% of physician decision making takes place using short cuts or habit-driven reasoning.

So how do we disrupt biases and make physicians aware that their patients may benefit from treatment, and want to be on a different therapy, or at least that they might want to discuss their needs and goals?

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Senior Strategist, Mark Matthews contributed to the feature story in PM360, The New Frontier of Point of Care Marketing.

Mark explains how technology enhancements fuel changes to point of care marketing:

“Marketers will find the greatest value for POC marketing by leveraging technology to provide customized content to patients. This support should address the whole patient to meet the patient’s clinical and psychosocial needs. These solutions improve patient outcomes and provide platforms to deliver marketing and support services. Ultimately, point of care is an ideal opportunity to change patient and provider behavior and align them toward specific treatment goals.”

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