Improving Outcomes Start Before Drug Launch

April 18, 2017

The goal in a prelaunch environment is to shape the market to be more receptive for a new treatment. The focus is to build awareness of disease information and clinical data while trying to change providers’ attitudes. However, this approach often falls short of the potential to shape providers’ perceptions and address their knowledge and skills—aspects that are more likely to actually change behavior.

Brand marketers are assuming that providers will see the data and immediately know how it could change outcomes for their patients. But, this evidence may not be compelling for providers. They often face challenges such as information overload or prescribing inertia that may prevent them from interpreting new data effectively. In addition, this information often contradicts how providers think and practice.

What can pharma do to better shape the pre-launch market?
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How can prelaunch communications impact the patient?
The time before launch is a prime opportunity for pharma companies to address whole patient needs—that is, clinical and psychosocial needs. Decades of behavioral science have proven the benefits of meeting whole patient needs. When the psychosocial needs of patients are addressed, they have a better experience on therapy, and they are more likely to continue medication adherence. The patients also have more engaging conversations with the healthcare team, take a more active role in managing their condition, and maintain better outcomes.

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What is the benefit for patients and the brand?
Evidence-based approaches are key to successfully preparing healthcare providers to obtain better outcomes with a new treatment. These approaches are fundamentally different because they engage healthcare providers in a way that actively shifts attitudes, builds skills, and changes behavior.

Traditionally, prelaunch strategies only shape perceptions. However brands can do more in advance of a drug launch to actively change the way healthcare providers behave rather than just changing how they think.

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