Integrating Behavioral Science Into Marketing

June 3, 2019

MM&M asked Phil Mann, VP Group Account Director, about the ways in which MicroMass weaves behavioral science into our marketing strategies. Their article, “Marketers share 3 steps they’ve taken to integrate behavioral science into marketing” was the perfect place to let Phil share how MicroMass is helping pharma companies incorporate behavioral science into their solutions. 

What exactly did he highlight?


At MicroMass, behavioral science isn’t a “check the box” type solution. Our marketing strategies are built from the ground up in the integration of behavioral science into patient-based solutions. Phil touched on the different methods we have created for clients in the last six months alone. 

  • With asthma patients, we incorporated interactive exercises that address their physical, emotional, and functional needs. Read more about how patient outcomes are more successful when providers understand the importance of behavior change. 
  • We developed and provided curated content to patients living with cancer. 
  • A needs assessment tool was created in order to promote skill building in patients. See the ways we believe changing patient behavior is integral to success. 
The message we drive home to our clients most often is that behavior change is a multi-dimensional concept that requires behavioral science to be at the forefront. Our solutions are holistic, dynamic, and not only a marketing strategy. It’s our motivation behind everything. Why is it so important? 
Read the full article on MM&M.