C-Suite Outlook

February 13, 2017

MicroMass CEO Alyson Connor contributed to this month’s PharmaVOICE article: C-Suite Outlook: Leading Through Extraordinary Change. Connor had an opportunity to respond to 3 different questions that identified trends in the pharma industry and reviewed client expectations. Here are the questions from PharmaVOICE and Connor’s answers.

Are you redefining your business to sustain value? And if yes, how? And if not, why?
Pharma has recognized that an important success metric is patient outcomes, and the way to achieve optimal outcomes is through evidence-based behavioral solutions. This aligns with our core values and principles that originated 25 years ago: achieving outcomes requires more than the traditional marketing approach. It needs a specialized, evidence-based approach that actively shifts attitudes, builds skills, and changes behavior. Our approach remains extremely relevant to pharma. We provide solutions to change patient and provider behavior by using evidence-based strategies from health psychology and behavioral science.  While we aren’t redefining our business to sustain value, we are constantly refining our service offerings so that they deliver more of an impact for our customers. The field of behavioral science is constantly evolving.

How are customer/stakeholder expectations changing?
Our customers are realizing that changing behavior is what will change their business. Clients are more likely to embrace the evidence-based strategic process and understand the science behind shifting attitudes, building skills, and changing behavior. By implementing behaviorally based programs and initiatives, brands are seeing that they can achieve commercial success and improve patient outcomes. Customers are requiring specific scientific rationale, evidence, and proof to support behavioral change solutions. Pharma brand managers are in a position to do more with less. They need proof points to sell in newer, more strategic concepts that often rival the traditional playbook. And we’re able to deliver. The behavioral science approach is no longer considered nice to have. For pharma, and specifically for our partners, it is becoming a must have. Behavioral science is now a preferred approach to accomplish brand benchmarks. Brand teams are uncovering how evidence-based solutions are constructed to change provider and patient behavior and make a difference to achieve optimal outcomes.

What impact is globalization having on your organization?
We are seeing an increase in requests for global behavior change programs. Clients are often tasked with developing a global strategy that can still be relevant in each market. Fortunately, behavior is studied globally. Access to decades of published research provides a roadmap to changing patient and provider behavior. Our approach is to uncover the global drivers of behavior — specifically the commonalities — and then develop a global framework for changing behavior. These solutions rely on evidence-based strategies that have demonstrated success across multiple markets.

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