MicroMass: Experts in Human Health Behavior

March 7, 2018

MicroMass is a healthcare marketing agency that applies techniques from health psychology and behavioral science to change patient and provider behavior in oncology, chronic disease, and rare disease. Our award-winning, full-service agency is located in Cary, NC—the heart of the Research Triangle.

For nearly 25 years, MicroMass has worked with clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to achieve commercial success in today’s value-based healthcare environment.

MicroMass is in the business of changing behavior.
Why do we focus on behavior? The answer is simple. Behavior is the leading determinant of health outcomes, and it is one of the few things we can change.

Behavior can accelerate or impede brand success, and the majority of pharma challenges are behavioral in nature. We apply behavioral science to address the underlying drivers of patient and provider behavior and help our clients achieve real-world results.

For patients, these behaviors include positive coping, adhering to treatment, making lifestyle changes, seeking treatment or advice, or explaining symptoms and feelings. Provider behaviors include referral patterns, prescribing inertia, delivering a confident and personalized treatment recommendation, and uncovering patient barriers to treatment.

Our solutions address the clinical and behavioral factors that drive brand success. Clinical factors such as side effects, symptoms, and condition education are important. However, behavioral factors have as much of an impact as clinical factors. Distress, anxiety, social support, and prescribing inertia are important behaviors that need to be addressed. The specialized expertise of MicroMass complements the more clinically focused service offerings of UDG and Ashfield.

“We are excited to be joining the team at UDG Healthcare. Being part of a global business creates new opportunities for continued growth and new collaborations within UDG, which will enable us to develop more comprehensive solutions for our clients,” said MicroMass President Alyson Connor. “UDG aligns very well with our culture, mission and values, and will provide new opportunities for our employees.”

MicroMass goes beyond traditional marketing.
Did you know that, at best, only 1 out of 5 patients are influenced by information-based approaches?

MicroMass goes beyond basic education to drive motivation, build skills, and change behavior. In order to do this, we incorporate 3 core requirements: knowledge, motivation, and skills. Knowledge is important. Patients need to understand their condition and treatment options, but knowledge alone won’t lead to behavior change.

Motivation is next. In general, people don’t like change. We have difficulty shifting our beliefs and behaviors. It becomes easy to stick with the status quo, even if a change may prove beneficial. Skills is the last element to behavior change. Years of experience and research has shown that it is not enough to have knowledge and to motivate change. Individuals need to have the ability to make that change. Traditional pharma marketing relies on messaging and information, but this alone does not equip patients and providers with the skills to make the necessary changes.

MicroMass is a full-service agency.
Our people and our culture are fundamental to our specialized approach. We understand behavior, and we are passionate about changing it. Together, we take a multidisciplinary approach to applying behavioral science. This helps us create innovative solutions that get people to do more than buy a product. We get people to buy into a new way of thinking.

We have 25 years of experience in applying evidence-based behavioral strategies from health psychology and behavioral science. A dedicated staff of behaviorists with advanced degrees in social psychology, public health, and health communication is part of our talented team of 115 members.

But it’s not just about our behaviorists. Our entire agency (strategy, creative, account services, project management, and technology) is trained to apply behavior change techniques, so that the experiences we create for patients and providers are fundamentally different.

At MicroMass, we inspire and facilitate lasting behavior change.
And that changes everything.