MicroMass Named Top 100 Healthcare Agency

July 13, 2017

MicroMass was recognized as a top 100 healthcare marketing agency by MM&M. This was the 11th year in a row that MicroMass has been recognized as a leader among healthcare agencies.

The profile developed by a MM&M staff writer provides information on the growth of MicroMass, whole patient needs approach, and quotes from partners, Phil Stein and Alyson Connor.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

MicroMass has seized its share of new business — 13 accounts last year alone — by helping clients address and meet the clinical and behavioral needs of patients. The agency’s “whole patient” approach integrates behavioral science and health psychology techniques, then applies them to change patient and/or physician behavior and to optimize dialogue between the two constituencies.

“Our message and value proposition around addressing whole patient needs resonates with clients,” Connor says. “Whether you’re going to HCPs or caregivers, you must start with what’s going on with the patient.”

Connor uses the following analogy to illustrate how MicroMass programs drive better patient outcomes and, thus, brand success. “If I were going to teach you to swim, giving you a pamphlet on how to swim probably wouldn’t be very effective,” she says. “If I showed you how to swim and gave you tools and exercises to build the skill, you’d have much better chance of learning. It’s the same with our programs.”

MicroMass partner and CEO Phil Stein adds simply pushing out brand claims is no longer enough. “We help clients understand the real barriers to and drivers of behavior change,” he says.

Read the full article on MM&M.