MicroMass' Partner Nicotrax Concludes Smoking Cessation Study

April 4, 2017

MicroMass Communications partnered with Nicotrax, a wearable device to help people stop smoking.

Recently Nicotrax program concluded its pilot program. The 4-week program provided users with an opportunity to track their cigarette consumption with a wearable device, while receiving daily updates regarding their consumption behaviors, quitting tips, and social support.

MicroMass provided behaviorally-based messaging and strategy to support the counselors and their interaction with the individuals involved in the pilot.

The pilot showed:

  • User tracking and overall engagement was high. Through the 4 weeks, every user tracked their progress and engaged with the communication platform.
  • System flexibility with communication. Some users chose to communicate with the behaviorally-based counseling on a daily basis, whereas others talked with the counselors on an as-needed basis.
  • Tracking helped users understand their cigarette consumption. With the help of the wearable device, users recorded over 600 cigarettes, while also understanding the contextual situations (location, time, triggers) that the cigarettes were smoked

Users are often unaware of their behavior or the situations that trigger smoking. The behavioral intervention helped create an awareness of smoking and behavioral habits. It also is creating a system that caters and supports each user and their preferences to develop a program that’s right for them.

For more information about Nicotrax and their innovative wearable smoking cessation technology, visit their website