MicroMass' Program Featured in PM360 After Winning Trailblazer Award

November 3, 2016

SaxendaCare®, a patient support program created to help people lose weight, was featured in the October issue of PM360, a leading pharmaceutical publication. In September, SaxendaCare® won the prestigious PM360 Trailblazer Award in the Persistence/Adherence program category.

SaxendaCare® is a branded support program designed for patients taking Saxenda®, an injectable prescription medicine that may help some adults lose weight and keep the weight off. SaxendaCare® uses evidence-based behavioral strategies to provide interventions in a real-world setting. SaxendaCare® gets patients off to a good start with Saxenda® and helps them build skills related to adherence and lifestyle modification.

Read the feature article in PM360.

SaxendaCare® was evaluated for the effectiveness of its work. Specifically, the program was evaluated for the ability to overcome challenges, along with the skill, innovation, and quality of planning and execution. This is the third win for SaxendaCare®. Earlier this year, SaxendaCare® won Silver from the DTC National Advertising Awards (Patient Engagement or Support Program/CRM) and also won Bronze from the Digital Health Awards. Last fall, SaxendaCare® was also named a finalist for the PM360 Pharma Choice Awards.

In addition to SaxendaCare® winning the PM360 Trailblazer Award in the Persistence/Adherence category, MicroMass was also named as a finalist in 2 other award categories: OPEN for Point of Care and We Are Specialists for Self-Promotion.