MicroMass Recognized as a Multiple DTC Advertising Awards Finalist

February 28, 2019

Four programs from MicroMass received finalist recognition from the DTC National Advertising Awards Best Disease Education Website | Asthma Insider Asthma Insider is a comprehensive disease-state awareness Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program designed to educate patients about accurate illness and treatment perceptions. The program provides tools and skill-building exercises to raise self-awareness regarding the impact of asthma on daily life, to help with day-to-day management, and to drive patients to seek a more productive conversation about quality of life with their healthcare provider.

Best Disease Education Website | Atopic Dermatitis Insider Atopic Dermatitis Insider is a resource for caregivers, and their teen. It is designed to help both the caregiver and teen understand and manage life with atopic dermatitis, a chronic form of eczema.
Best Disease Education Digital or Social Media | Atopic Dermatitis Insider The program is designed to engage and inform caregivers, as well as encourage them to share interactive content with their teenagers. An animated character helps guide users through content. Interactive content such as videos, podcasts, and behaviorally-based activities help create an experience that’s exciting for caregivers and their teens.
Best Patient Engagement, Support, or CRM Program | ZEJULA My Way Patient Support RM Program MicroMass  built a comprehensive RM program for patients with recurrent ovarian cancer using evidence-based behavioral approaches to go “beyond the pill” and address emotional and psychosocial challenges, empowering women to move forward and reclaim their lives during remission.
About the DTC National Advertising Awards The DTC National Advertising Awards, presented by Health Monitor Network, are designed to recognize communication excellence in a field with multiple constituencies, varying needs, and significant challenges. The Ad Awards showcase exemplary work spanning multiple media and therapeutic disciplines. Entries are judged by the DTC Perspectives’ editorial and executive teams. As part of the DTC National, the Advertising Awards festivities include a cocktail party followed by a special ceremony where Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are presented. Winning campaigns and finalists are highlighted in the annual conference guide publication. Winners will be announced at the DTC National Advertising Awards ceremony on Tuesday, April 17th. The awards are part of the DTC National Conference, held in Boston, MA.