MicroMass Team Receives Award Recognition

May 24, 2018

MicroMass was part of a joint venture that was awarded Best Patient Marketing team from the PM360 Elite Awards. The recognition for the account was based on the combined work of MicroMass Communications Inc., Arnold Worldwide, and SNOW Companies.

The program was designed to help patients with chronic uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema (atopic dermatitis). MicroMass contributions are part of an ongoing multi-faceted effort to support the brand with various patient initiatives.

MicroMass developed a branded CRM program that launched earlier this month. This program supports patients by providing education, motivation, and skill building through an interactive unbranded and branded CRM program that includes emails, 2 microsites, text messages, and direct mailers.

In addition, MicroMass is currently working with SNOW to highlight the ambassador stories in both branded and unbranded CRM programs. With upcoming live patient programs scheduled to kick off in August, a MicroMass behavioral specialist will be involved in the unbranded meetings, providing an overview of AD Insider and activities accessible through that program to help patients build skills, change behavior, and manage their symptoms.

The PM360 ELITE awards (Exceptional Leaders, Innovators, Transformers, and Entrepreneurs) recognize the most influential people in the healthcare industry—true catalysts who are creating extraordinary results. They are the industry’s most powerful minds and are the ones responsible for designing the future of healthcare. Anyone from a manufacturer (pharma, medical device, biotech or specialty), advertising agency or any company serving the healthcare industry, was eligible.

The recognition for this award was based on achieving great marketing as a group. The group could be any combination of  manufacturers (pharma, specialty, medical device), agencies, supplier/vendors, or some combination.

This is the 2nd award recognition for this account this year. Previously the team was recognized with a silver award from DTC Perspectives in the Best Disease Education category.

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