MicroMass Wellness Week

May 14, 2018

Wellness is important, and MicroMass is striving to make sure its employees learn physical, emotional, and mental wellness techniques. The 1st annual MicroMass Wellness Week is being held from Monday, May 14th to Friday, May 18th. There will be an activity each day during the lunch hour as well as daily challenges.  And to make it even more rewarding, MicroMass employees who participate in multiple activities throughout the week are eligible to win gift cards. Bonus! In addition, MicroMass will provide a healthy breakfast on Wednesday and lunch on Friday. The Wellness Week is sponsored by our Funnovation Team.

Challenge for the Week: Water Challenge We are encouraging employees to drink more water. The goal is to drink 80 ounces of water every day. And to get everyone started, each MicroMass employee received a new water bottle.
Thursday | Cardio Dance The goal was to get the heart rate up, and the class delivered. Senior Event Coordinator, Jenn Carlin let MicroMass employees in a quick 30-minute cardio dance class. It was a high-paced class with fun music. She also demonstrated the proper techniques to get the most out of the workout.
  • Daily Challenge | Evaluate if You’re Really Hungry Take notice of how often you grab snacks from the kitchen or snack closet. Ask yourself these questions: Are you actually hungry for those trail mix, chips, or cookies? Or do you just feel like eating? (No judgement either way!) If it’s the latter, consider drinking a glass (or fancy MicroMass water bottle) of water, then determine if you still want a snack.

Wednesday | Mindfulness Today, we flexed our coloring skills and took a mindfulness break. Our work in progress art work will eventually be displayed on our 2nd floor.
  • Daily Challenge | Collect Yourself and Refocus Today, think about a goal you’ve been wanting to work toward but haven’t been able to make progress. Start with a small step that you can take in the next 24 hours. See if a friend or coworker is willing to be an accountability partner. Consider a goal that truly matters to you.

Tuesday | Yoga As part of MicroMass Wellness Week, Kim Zdanowicz, Associate Creative Director, and certified yoga teacher and mindfulness instructor led MicroMass in a quick yoga exercise. We enjoyed a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga class that focused on reducing tension built from sitting and repetitive motion. The yoga fundamentals taught us how to balance our body and center our mind. Namaste!
  • Daily Challenge | Make Time for a Small Break Set a timer to go off once an hour, so that you can take a short break from your computer. When the timer goes off, stand up and stretch, take a lap around the office, get a glass of water, and take a few deep breaths. Also, did you know that looking away from your computer screen, blinking for 20 seconds and taking a break, can help your eye health too?

Monday | Self-Massage Annotator/Content Architect Margaret West taught massage techniques to relieve chronic tension and stress in the neck, head, face, back, and shoulders.
  • Daily Challenge | Take the Stairs Today, try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. The elevator is kind of scary, anyways. If you need a break during the day, walk up and down a few flights to get your blood pumping. And, an easy way to get started is to take the stairs down at the end of the day instead of the elevator. Happy stepping!