#National High-Five Day

April 19, 2019

MicroMass conducted a study to determine the frequency of High-Fives from Associate Creative Director, Mike Franke.

MF5: A Five-Day Analysis

Original Authors: Weber C, Connor E, Winn P, Dosmann G, McPherson W, Collar I, Myers M, Denisco M, Jones A, Messier E, Knight J, Adomas A, Neel N, Eddinger C, Levesque C, Simorelli L, Schabot K, Zammiello A, Powell K, Zdanowicz K, Arp K, West M, Hutchison K

New AuthorsBenditz C, Peck K, King B, Libey C.

MicroMass Communications (MMC) is reported to have an exceptionally friendly environment. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate M. Franke’s exemplary personification of this characteristic. An observational study, MF5, was conducted on weekdays beginning September 20, 2017, at subject’s arrival to MMC. Data collection concluded at 5 pm on September 26, 2017. The primary endpoint measured all corporeal exchanges of palms jubilantly clapped together between the subject and MMC employees. Investigators were recruited geographically and also included those who shared projects with the subject. Daily check-ins were established among the investigators, and ongoing records were maintained by the principal investigator. During data collection, additional observations were noted and have been added here as ancillary observations, because these were not in the initial study protocol, they were not considered secondary endpoints. Data are presented in the Chart.

Investigators concluded that the subject provides major contribution to MMC’s exceptionally friendly atmosphere. Investigators are pleased to share a work environment with M. Franke.

Download the MF5 Case Study: