Oncology Marketing Perspectives

October 9, 2018

MicroMass Communications, Inc. was one of 4 sponsors for the MM&M ebook, “Oncology Marketing Perspectives” that was recently published. As part of the sponsorship, MicroMass showcased a print ad and offered viewpoints on how oncology marketing is changing and how it should be positioned in the future.

MicroMass’ Lead behaviorist, innovation and practice, Meredith Terry offered insights and on how pharma brands can be more successful when marketing oncology products.

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Here’s an excerpt.

“Oncology patient support programs are going beyond basic nurse call centers and traditional messaging-based approaches to incorporate psychosocial strategies such as mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques,” said Terry. “By addressing the psychosocial factors of patients, you strengthen the bond between the patient and the product. The patient maintains a more positive mindset. It builds resilience and reinforces the patient’s strengths to endure treatment. Oncology marketing materials much continue to become more diversified to align with different patient needs.”

In today’s healthcare environment, real-world outcomes and patient experiences are critical to a brand’s success. Conventional pharma solutions that focus solely on driving brand awareness and adoption through data and messaging are not enough. These information-based approaches fall short of driving lasting changes in patient and provider behavior. In fact, research shows that at best, only one out of five patients are influenced by information-based approaches.

Pharma should address both the clinical and behavioral factors that drive oncology brand success. Clinical factors such as efficacy, safety, mode of administration, process of care, brand benefits, and quality measures are important. However, behavioral factors have as much of an impact on brand success as clinical factors.

Prescribing inertia, patient adherence, and patient reluctance to escalate therapy are factors that can impede or accelerate brand success. These cannot be changed with only the use of typical messaging or info-based persuasive approaches. Evidence-based behavioral approaches are key to unlocking oncology outcomes. These approaches aren’t about providing tips or persuading patients to make changes. They are fundamentally different because they engage patients and providers in a way that changes behavior.

Proven techniques from health psychology and behavioral science can change patient and provider behaviors and lead to improved outcomes for your brand.

Download the ebook.