Patient-Focused Drug Development

May 6, 2019

As part of the PharmaVOICE article: “Patient-Focused Drug Development,” Vice President, Scientific Strategy, offered her thoughts on how drug development and how pharma can do more to make an impact.

Read the PharmaVOICE article.

Here’s what Patty had to say:

  • Patient-Focused Drug Development is a step in the right direction, but pharma can go beyond building a better drug and demonstrating its clinical efficacy. So far, the movement has prioritized collecting data from trial participants to identify meaningful clinical endpoints. However, with the right approach, data gathering can paint a much broader picture of the patient’s overall treatment experience.
  • To understand the factors that may ultimately impact treatment success, she says companies need to look beyond the clinical efficacy endpoint and conduct true patient-centered research. This means taking the opportunity to get a complete picture of the patient experience: how patients learn about, cope with, and manage their conditions on a day-to-day basis. Listening to patients before, during, and after clinical trials can help identify gaps in critical elements needed for patients to live better with their conditions and ultimately improve their success on treatment. Once the entire patient experience is understood, pharma companies can then follow through by creating a patient-focused drug experience.
  • A patient-focused drug experience will then help fully realize the potential of patient-centered care by addressing all aspects of condition management, including successful incorporation of a new drug into their lives. Pharma companies can also reach patients with more meaningful messages, resulting in increased engagement. Pre-launch marketing helps patients better manage their condition and understand themselves and their role as patients. Launch marketing becomes more practical and helps patients incorporate the drug into their lives. And it all dovetails into improved adherence.

Read the PharmaVOICE article.