Treating the Whole Patient: A More Compelling Approach to Product Development

September 30, 2017

clinical trials screen out large numbers of patients based on additional medications, concomitant conditions, age, or other factors. A real-world trial treats a higher percentage of patients and incorporates both the product and potentially a behavioral intervention.

2. Patient preferences are not considered.
Clinical trials usually don’t reflect what is important to the patient. The quality of a patient’s life, his or her comfort with the treatment approach, and the level of stress and anxiety would be quite compelling; the clinical trial endpoints in a traditional clinical trial often lack these elements.

3. Behavioral science and psychosocial interventions are not incorporated.
By continuing solely with a product-based clinical trial, pharma is missing an opportunity to enhance the impact of the product and generate more compelling evidence. Evidence-based behavioral approaches can be delivered in an intervention alongside the product and can impact treatment outcomes including adherence, quality of life, and in some cases, mortality. These are factors that matter to patients, physicians, and your brand.

Try engaging patients earlier in the process. By doing this, you gain an understanding of what matters most to them. Quality of life, disease progression, treatment impact, stress, anxiety, support, and other factors are important to consider. A whole patient approach addresses these factors by incorporating evidence-based behavioral strategies. These methods improve clinical outcomes and support the clinical and nonclinical (psychosocial) needs of patients.

What’s the impact?
A more viable approach to differentiating a product is by addressing patient needs through a behavioral intervention with your clinical study. Addressing patient needs can result in improved patient outcomes. By adding a behavioral intervention early in the clinical trial process, you generate more compelling clinical evidence to help generate sales and accelerate your brand.

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