Why Your Brand Needs Behavioral Science

August 1, 2019

Our Lead Behaviorist, Innovation and Practice, Meredith Terry, discusses integral questions regarding the ins and outs of behavioral science in a Bio Pharma Dive article. Behavioral science is becoming a “buzz word” in the pharma marketing world, and she breaks down the importance of asking the right questions when approaching this tactic in marketing campaigns. Read the full article. Here’s her take:

  • The first task is determining if you actually need a behavioral science solution. Asking these questions may help.
    • Are you trying to get patients or healthcare providers to do something different?
    • How far is the person’s current behavior from the desired behavior?
    • Are you asking a patient or healthcare provider to do something difficult?
    • Are you not achieving the desired results with traditional marketing or education approaches?
  • If you’ve discovered that behavior change in necessary to achieve your intended outcome, the traditional pharma marketing tactics won’t be as effective or provide optimal outcomes.
When seeking a behavioral science solution, it’s important to ensure it is the right kind of behavioral science. What are the buzz words? How do you avoid them? Asking these three questions may help you distinguish between a tactic having a strong foundation in behavioral science or it being just “pop psychology.”
  • Does the solution sound too goo to be true?
  • Where is the data?
  • Is your solution too formulaic?
Behavioral science is complex in the same way people are; this practice succeeds because it is based on the premise that one approach cannot work for every person. Using evidence-based strategies, good behavioral science marketing programs address multiple drivers of behavior. Think of behavioral science as a road map that can uncover people’s motivations, what strengths and skills they want to build on, and how they can benefit from learning new techniques. Read the full Bio Pharma Dive article. 
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