Building Skills for Better Outcomes

As the healthcare environment is shifting to a value-based model with greater emphasis on patient outcomes, many healthcare organizations are seeking to build a capability in behavior change.

While many companies have recently adopted terms like patient-centricity and behavioral science into their offerings, they aren’t just buzz words for us – they are how we’ve operated for over 20 years. Our people and our refined method of applying evidence-based change strategies across hundreds of healthcare challenges allows us to bring our customers a unique and seasoned set of tools.

Our Health Behavior Group is a specialty practice within MicroMass that combines health behavior expertise with strong scientific and clinical understanding. We partner with health systems, ACOs, pharma industry, and nonprofit health organizations to enhance their skills using our proven tool kit.

Whether you are an internal team looking to build your organization’s behavior change capability or an external team looking to bring greater value to your customers, let us see how we can enhance outcomes for you.

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