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See what we think about what is needed for today’s healthcare challenges in the following articles, white papers, and opinion pieces. These will shed some light on aspects of our work and what’s going on in the healthcare landscape. In addition, take a look at what industry leaders and publications are saying about us.

May 2015

PharmaVoice Innovation

PharmaVoice selected MicroMass because of our innovative, patient-centric approach. Read about how we are creating a new standard in healthcare through the application of behavior-change strategies.

May 2015

Bridging the Gap

Although there are clinical differences between women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, new research from MicroMass and DiabetesSisters demonstrates that on an emotional and psychosocial level, these women are often more alike than they are different.

July 2014

Introducing Time 2 Focus

Information alone is not enough to change behavior. Patients with type 2 diabetes need more than information — they need skills. Time 2 Focus is a mobile app that does more than provide trackers, reminders, and information about type 2 diabetes. Developed using evidence-based behavior change techniques and gamification principles, Time 2 Focus engages patients in learning the real-world skills they need to effectively manage their condition.

June 2014

Products, Patients, and Persuasion

Uncovering what really influences physician behavior.

February 2014

Operation Patient-Centricity

As the Affordable Care Act rolls out, the behaviorists at MicroMass surveyed stakeholders about the impact on industry. Jessica Brueggeman sorts out the diverse views and asks, Can healthcare reform lead pharma to operationalize its patient focus?

October 2011

Using Science to Change Patient Behaviors and Outcomes

For brand directors, the ongoing question is: "How do I make my marketing efforts and dollars work harder?" Fair enough. And here's the answer...

September 2011

Marketing to Women: Connecting Through an Understanding of the Differences

Contrary to popular belief, men and women aren't that different.... We discovered that the differences among women are more significant than the expected differences between women and men.

June 2011

To Reach Patients with High Cholesterol You Need to Speak Their Language

Changing behavior in an asymptomatic condition can be especially challenging, perhaps because the patient sees no tangible "payoff" as a result.

April 2011

Building Physician Relationships Builds Value and the Brand

Today, getting face time with already overbooked physicians requires that sales reps bring more to the table than a firm handshake, a warm smile, and a one-size-fits-all scripted detailing.

August 2010

New MicroMass Study Shows Metabolic Mindset May Be a Valuable Weapon in America’s Battle Against Obesity

MicroMass discovers the key to beating obesity, smoking, and other threats to America's health.

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