Why behavioral science?

Behavior is one of the few things we can actually change.

And research proves it.

What behaviors are in the way of your brand’s success?

Patient Behaviors

Adhering to treatment

Making lifestyle changes

Positive coping

Seeking treatment or advice

Explaining symptoms and feelings to provider

Provider Behaviors

Prescribing inertia

Referral patterns

Delivering a confident, personalized treatment recommendation

Uncovering patient barriers to treatment

Behavioral science is a roadmap to changing behavior.

Behavioral science is the study of human behavior. Published research conducted for decades by health systems and academic groups demonstrates how to change behavior and improve outcomes.

Behavioral science is a roadmap to changing behavior.

MicroMass translates this evidence for practical use to solve your brand challenges.

MicroMass is fundamentally different.

We engage patients and providers in a way that actively shifts attitudes, builds skills, and changes behavior.

We go beyond product messaging and education.

We apply evidence-based approaches from health psychology and behavioral science to change behavior and accelerate commercial success.

These include strategies such as cognitive behavioral techniques, mindfulness, health coaching, problem solving, and many others.

How does MicroMass enhance traditional marketing?

Changing Patient Behavior

Traditional Marketing Approach

Specialized MicroMass Approach

Provide disease education, along with medication reminders and lifestyle tips.

Create active learning experiences focused on problem solving that address individual barriers to the patient’s experience with therapy.

Changing Provider Behavior

Traditional Marketing Approach

Specialized MicroMass Approach

For market shaping, the traditional approach is to raise awareness of unmet need and disseminate clinical data.

Develop interactive experiences that foster self-awareness to change practice habits and build skills to accelerate product adoption.

We apply our Whole Patient approach in 3 specialized service areas.