MicroMass is a healthcare marketing agency that applies proven techniques from health psychology and behavioral science to change patient and provider behaviors.

who we are

We work with clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to achieve commercial success in today’s value-based healthcare environment.

how we do it

It takes a specialist to change patient and provider behavior.

For nearly 25 years, we have applied a highly specialized approach to change behavior and accelerate commercial success.

Our evidence-based strategies from health psychology and behavioral science drive real-world results.

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Our Whole Patient approach incorporates patients' clinical and behavioral needs.

We apply this approach in 3 specialized service areas.

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Why it matters

At best, only 1 out of 5 patients are influenced by information-based approaches.1

We go beyond basic education to drive motivation, build skills, and change behavior.

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what's the impact?

Accelerate adoption. Optimize treatment experience.
Improve outcomes.

We help our clients achieve commercial success.

It’s not just about the insights.

We create work that is fundamentally different.

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Reference: 1. Botelho RJ. Motivational Practice: Promoting Healthy Habits and Self-care of Chronic Diseases. Rochester, NY: MHH Publications; 2004.