20 years and counting

For over 20 years, we've recognized that patient outcomes are the key to success in health care. Achieving optimal outcomes requires more than knowledge, access, and theory — it requires a specialized approach that actively shifts attitudes, builds skills, and changes behavior. Through decades of experience working with pharmaceutical companies, health systems, and ACOs, we've perfected the application of evidence-based change strategies to drive real-world results.


Patient Engagement & Support

Our evidence-based approach goes beyond messaging and education to help patients build the confidence and the skills they need to better manage their condition.


Building enduring customer relationships with a brand requires more than frequent communications — it’s about engaging customers and delivering value based on their fundamental needs.

& Clinical

We challenge the conventional approach to pre-launch and clinical communications by addressing the clinical and behavioral drivers that affect the way providers make real-world decisions about products and data.

Health Behavior Consulting

We partner with healthcare organizations to help them acquire the skills that will better influence behavior change and improve patient engagement.

At 40%, behavior is the greatest single determinant of health.
–McGinnis, 2002


What we do. How we think.

May 2015

PharmaVoice Innovation

PharmaVoice selected MicroMass because of our innovative, patient-centric approach. Read about how we are creating a new standard in healthcare through the application of behavior-change strategies.

May 2015

Bridging the Gap

Although there are clinical differences between women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, new research from MicroMass and DiabetesSisters demonstrates that on an emotional and psychosocial level, these women are often more alike than they are different.

July 2014

Introducing Time 2 Focus

Information alone is not enough to change behavior. Patients with type 2 diabetes need more than information — they need skills. Time 2 Focus is a mobile app that does more than provide trackers, reminders, and information about type 2 diabetes. Developed using evidence-based behavior change techniques and gamification principles, Time 2 Focus engages patients in learning the real-world skills they need to effectively manage their condition.

June 2014

Products, Patients, and Persuasion

Uncovering what really influences physician behavior.

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