2017 Agency Profile: Addressing Whole Patient Needs

April 1, 2017

Learn more about MicroMass in the 2017 Med Ad News agency issue. MicroMass is profiled along with the other top healthcare pharmaceutical agencies.

In today’s healthcare environment, real-world outcomes and patient experiences are critical to a brand’s success. Conventional pharma solutions that focus solely on driving brand awareness and adoption through data and messaging are not enough. These information-based approaches fall short of driving lasting changes in patient and provider behavior. In fact, research shows that information-based approaches are only effective 10% to 30% of the time.

Structure and Services Offered
With more than 20 years of expertise in human health behavior, our highly specialized approach applies evidence-based strategies from health psychology and behavioral science. These strategies change patient and provider behavior and drive real-world results for our clients.

Our services address both the clinical and behavioral factors that drive brand success. Clinical factors such as efficacy, safety, mode of administration, process of care, brand benefits, and quality measures are important. However, behavioral factors have as much of an impact on brand success as clinical factors. Prescribing inertia, patient adherence, and patient reluctance to escalate therapy are factors that can impede or accelerate brand success. These cannot be changed with only the use of typical messaging or information-based persuasive approaches.

Evidence-based approaches, such as cognitive behavioral techniques, health coaching, problem solving, self-affirmation, and coping strategies are key to unlocking better outcomes. These approaches aren’t about providing tips or persuading patients to make changes. They are fundamentally different because they engage patients and providers in a way that actively shifts attitudes, builds skills, and changes behavior.

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Addressing Whole Patient Needs
A departure from the standard pharma marketing playbook, our highly specialized Whole Patient approach incorporates strategies from health psychology and behavioral science to address both the clinical and behavioral needs of patients. We apply our Whole Patient approach in 3 specialized service areas:

  • Changing Patient Behavior
  • Optimizing Patient and Provider Dialogue
  • Changing Provider Behavior

Clients that have adopted our approach are seeing impressive results. In pharma, there’s more pressure to deliver optimal patient outcomes with greater efficiency. Traditional marketing approaches that rely on messaging to promote patient adoption and adherence to therapy are not enough to drive real-world impact.

That’s why our Whole Patient approach has been so well received. Our specialties address client challenges and play a key role in accelerating commercial objectives.

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