Advancing Pharma Through Behavior Change

June 19, 2018

As specialists in changing behavior, for nearly 25 years, MicroMass has applied evidence-based techniques from health psychology and behavioral science to change patient and provider behavior. Why do we focus on behavior? The answer is simple.  Behavior is the leading determinant of health outcomes, and it is the root of most challenges to pharma brands. Thankfully, it also happens to be one of the few things we can change. We apply behavioral science to address the underlying drivers of patient and provider behavior and help our clients achieve commercial success. For patients, these behaviors include positive coping, adhering to treatment, making lifestyle changes, seeking treatment or advice, and explaining symptoms and feelings. Provider behaviors include prescribing inertia, delivering a confident and personalized treatment recommendation, and uncovering patient barriers to treatment.

Structure and Services While some agencies rely on behavioral science to better understand customer behavior, our approach is fundamentally different. We use behavioral science as a roadmap to change behavior, going beyond messaging and education by applying evidence-based techniques in a practical way to solve brand challenges. “Our solutions address the clinical and behavioral factors that drive brand success,” MicroMass executives explain. “Clinical factors such as side effects, symptoms, and condition education are important. However, behavioral factors can have as much of an impact as clinical factors. Coping with distress and anxiety, social support, and prescribing inertia are important behaviors that need to be addressed.” Our approach is applied in three specialized service areas.      
Recent Accomplishments MicroMass had an extremely successful 2017. “Kicking things off, our new business wins fueled a 30 percent staff increase,” said MicroMass executives. “Currently, our full-service agency has 115 employees including behavioral, strategy, creative, account services, project management, and technology.” This multidisciplinary, specialized approach serves more than 40 active accounts and our evidence-based solutions are helping drive client success. At the end of 2017, MicroMass was acquired by UDG Healthcare plc. “Our behavioral change, patient support, and adherence services are highly complementary to the existing services provided by the Ashfield division of UDG,” commented MicroMass executives. “Being part of a global business creates new opportunities for continued growth while new collaborations will help us develop more comprehensive solutions for our clients.” Read more about the MicroMass accomplishments in the Med Ad News agency issue.
Future Plans “Regardless of how pharma and healthcare continues to evolve, behavior will be the underlying driver that impacts optimal patient outcomes,” executives say. “We will continue to expand our influence and offerings to ensure that our initiatives and solutions are integrated across touchpoints, stakeholders, and the pharma lifecycle. Our commitment is to continue to help brands maximize outcomes and commercial success in an increasingly value-based healthcare system.”
Philanthropy/Citizenship: Behavior Change Knows No Boundaries MicroMass was named a finalist for the Med Ad News Heart Award, the recognition was based on our social responsibilities and culture that embodies a high commitment to philanthropic and social causes. MicroMass is an agency that promotes change in behavior. It is a part of everything we do. It’s our passion, and recently we took our passion worldwide. MicroMass partnered with a local nonprofit organization, With Change In Mind, to help a community in Malawi, Africa. This community requested family planning for men and women in their village. MicroMass responded to the needs of this community through integration of education and skill building. MicroMass employees trained more than 150 women and 50 men on anatomy, reproductive health, and family planning methods. This training also corrected inaccurate illness perceptions and helped community members understand available family planning methods. The trip highlighted that the foundations of behavior change are universal. Building trust and rapport with any community is paramount, and information alone is not enough to change behavior. As a finalist, MicroMass received a $1,000 prize. This money was donated to With Change In Mind to help support their ongoing initiatives in Malawi. Read the MicroMass agency profile in Med Ad News.