Addressing Whole Patient Needs: A New Model for Pharma

October 5, 2016

An excerpt from our article in PharmaVOICE.

In today’s healthcare environment, there is more pressure to deliver optimal patient outcomes with greater efficiency. Traditional marketing approaches that rely on messaging to promote patient acceptance of therapy and adherence are not enough to drive real-world impact.

To stay relevant, the pharmaceutical industry needs to find ways to deliver solutions that go beyond driving awareness, promoting access, and reinforcing benefits. Patient services are the favorable channel to impact patient outcomes and optimize experience on therapy. But, in order to truly make an impact, the model needs to change. It’s not enough to address the challenges that come from product-centric services. These services need to address the whole patient picture.

Let’s reconstruct the model.

What’s the solution?
Address the whole patient needs.

Find out how to address the whole patient needs.
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