Agencies Pay It Forward

October 2, 2018

MicroMass was featured in the October issue of PharmaVOICE magazine, because of our work in Malawi, Africa and partnership with local non-profit, With Change In Mind.

Read the feature in PharmaVOICE.

MicroMass’ President, Alyson Connor, offered her thoughts on the trip to Malawi, Africa and how it is an extension of the MicroMass agency.

“MicroMass’ vision is to be an agency that promotes change in behavior,” said Connor. “Changing behavior is part of everything we do.”

MicroMass and With Change In Mind delivered family planning training to a small, rural fishing village. Alyson along with senior behaviorist, Margot Mahannah, trained more than 150 women and 50 men on anatomy, reproduction, and family planning methods. The training focused on correcting inaccurate illness perceptions and helped community members understand available planning methods.

Learn more about the MicroMass trip to Malawi.

“Whether we are working with a patient who doesn’t understand the benefit of using his or her maintenance inhaler or a person who doesn’t understand the benefit of understanding her menstrual cycle, behavior change is universal,” commented Connor. “Building trust and rapport with any community is paramount, and information alone is not enough to change behavior.”

With Change In Mind has a deep commitment to building skills and the capacity to promote wellness and ensure sustainability within communities. This was a unique opportunity to make a difference and promote behavior change outside the pharma environment.

The MicroMass team was excited and motivated to learn about the work and the positive impact on the Malawi community.

“We had a lunch-and-learn celebration where we showed videos, talked about our experiences, and provided information for those inspired to help with upcoming initiatives,” said Connor. “As an agency, we’re looking forward to exploring new ways that we can continue to support With Change In Mind and the Malawi community.”

Read the feature in PharmaVOICE. | Learn more about With Change In Mind.

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