COVID COMPASS | Stress Resource Page

April 13, 2020


We’re all learning new routines and adjusting to new circumstances. But did you know that adjusting to a “new normal” can cause stress? Try these strategies for you and your loved ones to employ to identify signs and sources of stress.

Be Present
When you’re feeling overwhelmed and caught up in your own thoughts and emotions, the following activity can help you focus on the present moment and relieve stress. This activity only takes a bit of concentration and use of your 5 senses. Give it a shot. View this simple activity to practice being present (PDF Download).

Breathe. Just Breathe
Are you feeling overwhelmed or anxious? Our behaviorists researched a breathing technique to help you feel a bit calmer when you’re stressed. And, the best part, it only takes a few seconds. Ready to try it out? Download the activity and gain more control of your situation. Try the full breathing exercise (PDF Download).

Mindful Coloring Sheet
Need to take a break? Try this mindful coloring exercise and practice being in the present. Color on your own or share with your family. Download the Coloring Sheet (PDF Download).


Focus On What You Can Control
There will always be things that you CANNOT control, but it’s important to understand how much energy and focus you are committing to them. While we may not be able to anticipate these events or how others react, we can manage how we respond to them.It’s normal to feel that things are out of control, especially during challenging times. This activity is designed to help you feel more in control. When you find yourself needing more control, print this activity and fill it out. Learn how to gain control (PDF Download).


Stop. And Repeat After You
Remember that your outlook and mindset can make a big difference in your wellbeing. Print out this activity and it fill out to discover ways to be kind to yourself through affirmation, encouragement, and support. Be Kind to Yourself. Download the Activity. (PDF Download).


UNC Health Talk: 5 Tips to Manage Stress About Coronavirus/COVID-19 | WEBSITE
Provides relevant, simple, and authoritative tips for managing stress related to COVID-19 in a personable and simple manner from UNC psychiatrists.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: COVID-19: Resources for Managing Stress | WEBSITE
This site provides some stress management tips for a variety of populations, including the general public, healthcare workers, and community leaders.

Johns Hopkins Medicine: Stressed About COVID-19? Here’s What Can Help | WEBSITE
This site provides insight from a Child Psychologist at Johns Hopkins about how we can manage stress and communicate more effectively with children to manage their stress.