Digital Health Awards Winner

December 3, 2018

MicroMass was honored with Gold in the Web-based Digital Health physician portal category.

Lexicon STRIPES is a unique learning destination for oncology professionals. STRIPES was designed to help oncology professionals support their patients through communication techniques and education on the specific needs of those with NETs and Carcinoid Syndrome.

Lexicon is dedicated to supporting oncology professionals who treat people with rare diseases. Zebras represent rare diseases, like neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) and Carcinoid Syndrome. That’s why Lexicon created STRIPES to provide oncology professionals with tools and resources to improve outcomes, address patient needs, and get the most out of patient interactions.

What is STRIPES?
Support, Training, Resources, and Information for Professional EducatorS

STRIPES is an online learning destination for oncology professionals who work with patients living with NETs and Carcinoid Syndrome. STRIPES provides behavioral solutions to healthcare providers that address challenges they may encounter with their patients.

The Digital Health Awards honor the world’s best digital health resources. The competition, which is held twice yearly, featured 80 categories in the following entry classifications: Web-based Digital Health; Mobile Digital Health Resources; Personal Digital Health Devices/Wearables; Digital Health Media/Publications; Digital Health: Social Media; and Connected Digital Health. A panel of 26 experts in digital health media served as judges and selected the gold, silver, bronze, and merit winners from 300 entries. The judges scored the entries on a rating scale of 1 to 100 and evaluated entries for content and design/creativity/and user experience.

The Lexicon STRIPES website was also named a finalist in the PM360 Trailblazer Awards in the HCP Education category. This team also received a merit award from the Digital Health Awards in 2017. About Carcinoid Community was honored in the Consumer/Web-Based Digital Health/Forum Message Board category.