MicroMass Client Profiled in PM360

October 17, 2017

Arpan Shah, Marketing Director of Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Inc. and recipient of the Marketer of the Year award, was profiled in the October issue of PM360.

Shah won the award based on the partnership and work with MicroMass on the About Carcinoid Community website for people who have carcinoid syndrome (CS). Arpan engineered a different approach to meet the needs of CS patients.

Here’s an excerpt of the story.

Arpan concluded a traditional pharma approach would not work to educate patients and providers. Instead, the solution was to amplify and activate the patient voice. He developed a program that addressed the whole patient by meeting the patient’s clinical, behavioral, and psychosocial needs. The result: The About Carcinoid Community.

The About Carcinoid Community forum features behavior-based tools that help patients address daily challenges. Patients learn how to ask for support from their friends and family and have better conversations with their provider using evidence-based communication strategies. Patients also build skills to set appropriate goals, reflect on what matters most, plan ahead, break negative thought cycles, and gain control of their symptoms.

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