Behavioral Science for Healthcare Marketers

April 5, 2017

MicroMass Communications, Inc. was one of 5 sponsors for the MM&M ebook, “Behavioral Science for Healthcare Marketers” that was recently published. As part of the sponsorship, MicroMass showcased a case study, a print ad, and viewpoints on the impact of behavior science in pharmaceutical marketing.

Information-based approaches fall short of driving lasting changes in patient and provider behavior. In fact, research shows that information-based approaches are only effective 10% to 30% of the time. That’s why MicroMass applies a highly specialized approach using evidence-based strategies from health psychology and behavior science.

Read more about MicroMass in the MM&M ebook.

SaxendaCare TM Case Study
Patients with obesity are often involved in a cycle in which they have tried and failed several times to lose weight. Because weight management falls on the shoulders of the individual, everyday behavioral management is necessary to achieve positive outcomes.

MicroMass used many behavioral science strategies in this program including Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Health Coaching, Skill Building, and Patient Motivation.

Read about Saxenda in the MM&M ebook.

Behavioral Insights
We had the opportunity to respond to some questions relating to pharma’s understanding and use of behavioral science.

How would you rate the pharma industry’s progress in making behavioral science a foundational part of its marketing initiatives?

Pharma has definitely made progress. There is an increased interest in incorporating behavioral science, and behavior change is now being integrated into strategic brand imperatives.

However, there has been reluctance in fully embracing behavioral science in marketing tactics because of med legal concerns. Brand teams need support to demonstrate that applying behavioral science does not create new claims. Behavioral science uses evidence-based strategies to deliver content. Instead of pushing information to customers, behavioral science inspires new thoughts and builds new skills for patients and providers.

Discover more behavioral insights in the MM&M ebook.