Moving Beyond the "Beyond the Pill" Conversation

March 30, 2018

Rob Peters contributed to the PharmaVOICE article, Moving Beyond the “Beyond the Pill” Conversation.

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Beyond-the-pill services have become essential today because many pharmaceutical products are not highly differentiated from their competitors based on clinical data alone, says Rob Peters, executive VP, strategy, MicroMass.

“These services enhance value, provide a competitive edge for the product, and increase confidence for a desirable outcome,” he says. “They also demonstrate how to minimize the burden for the patient and his or her healthcare provider.”

Mr. Peters says beyond-the-pill services are becoming an important element of achieving differentiation in the competitive market.

“We expect that these types of tools and services will become an even more important part of the commercialization plan for new therapies,” he says. “For most of the high-cost therapies, value-add services and outcome commitment will be basic expectations from patient and payers respectively.”

Beyond-the-pill services also complement newer, more targeted therapies by helping to ensure patients receive an optimal balance of clinical and non-clinical treatment to meet their specific needs, Mr. Peters says.

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