Change the Impact of Your Data by Changing Behavior

Developing new therapies and creating a compelling story with clinical data are challenging in today’s environment. We’ve recognized that superior efficacy and safety just aren’t enough to be successful anymore — real-world effectiveness is what counts. To demonstrate results, you have to understand the health behaviors that drive physician and patient acceptance of a new drug as well as actively change the behaviors that can affect outcomes.

MicroMass Health Behavior Group, a specialty practice within MicroMass, challenges traditional approaches by combining expertise in behavioral and clinical sciences to help clients go beyond a sole emphasis on data when preparing a product for launch. Our work focuses on understanding and modifying physician and patient knowledge and attitudes, building new skills and generating another dimension of evidence to supplement clinical results. This comprehensive approach derived from an understanding of how successful real-world outcomes are obtained can help enhance the effectiveness of disease awareness campaigns, medical field team communications, and insight generation efforts such as advisory boards.

Health Behavior Consulting

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